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A look into the Sunday of a travelling Dj/musician

A look into the Sunday of a travelling Dj/musician

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Brunch st regis bali saxophone singer dj jimmy rougerie
Just another Sunday for a DJ/musician

Brunch, one of the best meals of the day. Bringing people closer together and heaven for new and old couples. What could anyone ever do to make brunch better? A live performance of an excellent musician of course! Not just any musician, Jimmy Rougerie is on set. Since February every Sunday brunch has been accompanied by my sounds.

For over three months have I seen the joys and smiles of the guests, as they ask for a picture together. As a musician there is no better feeling than to see the atmosphere being lifted by your music. Sunday brunch is easily my favorite time to play at St. Regis. And I urge all of you to make sure to swing by and make your Sunday that much more enjoyable.

Of course my Sunday is more than just a Brunch. So I have to pack all my equipment as fast as I can and I’m off to the next venue!


 el kabron bali dj saxophone with jimmy rougerie

An indulgence at El Kabron

Sunset at El Kabron begs for some exquisite deep house. Relaxing on top of the Nusa Dua cliff looking over the beautiful Bali beach. This is definitely one of my favorite places to DJ. The crowd feels the vibe of every note played and are loving every single beat that I drop. The energy just sky rockets as the crowd opens one champagne bottle after another. Being the jack of all trades that I am, I decide that it’s time to leave the booth. I put on some my most inspired tracks and get down the crowd. As I blow my first breath into the saxophone I can see the cell phones go up. This is why I get down with the crowd. The pictures made with guest are sure to be a great memory of their time in Bali.

Improvising to the amazing music playing, I make my rounds through the enthusiastic crowd making my way back to to the booth. Setting a whole new mood for the audience to connect with, as I bring the energy even higher. The sun already set and the darkness of the night falling upon us the crowd increases. The music reaching new heights, and the audience getting up to fill the dance floor. Since it already has been a while after I last went to join the crowd, it’s time to make the rounds again. Once again I pick up my saxophone and mingle! So does it go deep into night!

That is the Sunday and partial Monday of a travelling musician.

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