A wedding DJ Sax for Paul and Renita’s wedding

A wedding DJ Sax for Paul and Renita’s wedding

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A perfect day for a wedding DJ

If you ask a normal wedding DJ what a perfect day is, they’ll probably tell you a big crowd. But for me as a wedding DJ it’s about creating the happy atmosphere of the party and the ear to ear smiles of the newly weds. Seeing everyone laughing and dancing to the music,having such a good time that they just forget it’s almost morning already. That is exactly what I set out to do for Paul and Renita.

Paul and Renita fell in love a couple of years ago on the sandy beaches of Phuket. So they decided that it was only right to hold they’re wedding in Phuket as well. The planning took almost a year and in that year they had multiple struggles such as getting the right flowers, how they would bring all their guests and also finding the right wedding DJ. After looking into a lot of different DJ’s that just didn’t live up to their expectations, an old friend from Phuket told them about me. They checked out some of my videos on YouTube, and they were more than interested in a meeting even just through Skype.

About 2 days later I received an email which led to a long and very helpful conversation over Skype. We talked about the songs that they would like to hear during the ceremony all the way to the song that would bring their first dance. They finally found their wedding DJ!

How I rocked the party

Not long after, the celebrated date had come and I arrived first on the scene. Making sure that everything is ready, I must have done about 5 different sound checks. When the ceremony began I was ready to make this one of my best performances. After the teary ceremony and the famous first kiss it was time to get the party started. After all, that is what the wedding DJ is for. As the catering brought out dinner and the open bar was fully operational, I started out with the greatest hits. Slowly leading up to the first dance, where the bride was smiling wider than I have ever seen with the most passionate  light in her eyes. This is the exact reason why I started playing at weddings!

Now it’s time to for everyone else to join, so I played some funky tracks to get their bodies rocking. Seeing all the fun and happiness of the crowd, I felt like putting the bride and groom back into the spotlight. I grabbed the mic and got off stage to give a special speech. After my deeply emotional speech, such humble words I know, I dedicated one song. Serenading them at their table, I did my best take on “Strangers in the night” giving them an even bigger glow.

Tell me, have you ever seen a wedding DJ so devoted to your wedding? Looking for some one to play at your wedding? Make no mistake, Jimmy Rougerie is the man for the job! Just get in touch anywhere online and I can make your wedding just as beautiful as Paul and Renita’s.

If you’re thinking wedding DJ, think Jimmy Rougerie. Ready to elevate your wedding, anywhere in the world!

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