New Year Eve at akyra Manor Chiang Mai -Dinner and Rooftop Party
akyra manor Chiang May NYE New year eve

New Year Eve at akyra Manor Chiang Mai -Dinner and Rooftop Party

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Akyra manor chiang mai Rooftop party with jimmy rougerie dj sax singer

New Year Eve at Akyra manor Chiang  Mai Dinner & Rooftop Party !

3, 2, 1 Happy 2018 Year

We’re officially in the countdown for the next year. As most of us, you probably already started to think about all the things that you managed to accomplish this year. You were able to reach many of the goals you had and you’re already thinking about the New Year’s resolutions. After all, the New Year is always an important day not only to celebrate but to make commitments.


We always have some things that we want to do, some things to accomplish, some things to avoid. And this is the perfect time for a fresh start.


New Year celebrations are usually very popular among people of all ages. We just want to be surrounded by our loved ones, either family, friends or both, and have a lot of fun.


If there are some people who already have a complete and detailed plan for the longest night of the year, most don’t. We never know who (if someone) will invite us to a party, to go to a concert, to make something special for this amazing night. However, if you’re one of these people who is just waiting for the perfect invitation for the best party of the neighborhood, why can’t you be the one who invites others this year? Why not surprise everyone with a great idea about how to spend the New Year?


And now you’re thinking about what you can suggest. Well, if you’re in Chiang Mai Thailand, we have one of the best events of the year planned at the RISE BAR akyra Hotel, Chiang Mai.


Starting at 10 pm and without a fixed hour to end, come and enjoy the entrance in the new year with the DJ Sax singer Jimmy Rougerie. We have prepared a rooftop party that you won’t ever forget. Plus, with a great environment and a great music, all that is missing is you and your friends. So, why not give them a call and schedule your night here. We guarantee that we’ll be rocking all night long and we’ll enjoy having you here with us, celebrating the new 2017.


If you’re one of those people who like to be on time for everything, we have a surprise for you. You may be one of 17 people to get a free shot if you manage to get early to the pool. Just a quick welcome and a way to get you all warmed up for Jimmy Rougerie.



Make sure to make your reservation as soon as possible! You know we have the best New Year’s Party ready for you 😉


Address: Akyra manor Chiang Mai

Soi 9 Nimmanhaemin Road Chiang Mai,


Phone: +66 2 514 8112

Website : http://theakyra.com/chiang-mai/akyra-manor-italics

Email: fb.akmc@theakyra.com


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