Life in Bali
living in bali jimmy rougerie

Life in Bali

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living in bali jimmy rougerie

living in bali jimmy rougerie

Why Bali?

Kid, I dreamed of living on a tropical island that does not know the winter. Born in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean. But I do not think I chose Bali, I think she chose me. At the time, about two years ago, I was traveling, I was then in Thailand, and pass by Bali. I immediately fell in love with the island and the people. I could not leave. Bali is a perfect combo between a great time, lush vegetation and lovely people, both locals and expats. I think Bali has a magnetism. The island attracts  those who are in the good vibe.

What are you doing in Bali?

I’m DJ Saxophonist Singer and I produce music with Anne Ferrando-Tello and our son maceo. The beginnings were difficult, because it is necessary to make some noise, but I knew how to create my network and today I work in a lot of places.
It is true that being DJ Saxophonist and singer opens many opportunities on south-west Asia. I work in several places as a resident DJ. People can come to listen to me at Karma Beach (Ungasan), Vue Beach Club (lv8 resort Canggu)),  (Pecatu), I also do a lot of private event and wedding in Bali and Phuket … – click here to see my calendar

What do you do when you do not mix?

I spend time with family, jogging and doing yoga …. I compose with Anne Ferrando-Tello (the love of my life) and gives music lessons to my son.


bali dj sax singer jimmy rougerie


Have a cocktail and dinner at Suarga Padang Padang and if you want to eat a very good paella, I recommend El Kabron, the Spanish restaurant in Pecatu.Don’t forget stop at Karma Beach…

Bali, is it paradise?

There are so many places around the world, I think paradise is everywhere. It is above all a harmony created in communion with the place where one is, a harmony among all the elements.

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