Why I DJ with Ableton Live ?
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Why I DJ with Ableton Live ?

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Hi, My name Jimmy Rougerie.

I’m DJ Sax Singer Producer , i love jazz improvisation and electronic music. Breaking rules from classical music to Deep House.

Choice, flexibility and individuality are key drivers for me. Ableton understand that we have an individual and have are own talents, interests and goals in music.

individuality of ableton live

individuality of ableton live


No one DJs and uses Ableton the same way.
I was a tired of using ableton at home and then switch to turntables on stage, why ?
I felt that could bring so much more by using Ableton on stage.
some of you might say : “it’s because you’re a musician”
Maybe but hey here’s the scenario :
I’m mixing a loop of from song by herbie hancock “Secrets” on track 1 and a shaker is rolling on track 2 , on track 3 there is deep house beat and track four has Roland TR-808 loop running.
1. I want to save this because it’s sounds good , then i open a track number 5 and just record the entire loop save it.
2. Let’s add more tracks and continue to explore the possibilities…
it’s endless


flexibilty of ableton live

flexibilty of ableton live


the limitation with ableton is you. there is no rules.
Fruity Loops, logic, or Pro Tools enable musicians make and compose tunes, but song manipulation on the fly is not. Ableton’s advanced session interface enables performers to activate samples, loops, basslines, drum pattern as well as other sounds instantly, and control them by using effects or by changing their parameters. Having a few workarounds – quickly run an EQ plugin on every track – and treating entire like a sample.
Of course you need to understand how Ableton works, but honestly that’s where the fun is…
After choosing you midi controler  and download a template , you’ll evolve with your set up a each gigs.

Choice white ableton live

Choice white ableton live


when you’re fed up just move on.

Want to change or add midi controller on the fly?  fine
Want to mix with 8 tracks ? fine
Want to record while your mix ? fine
Want to reloop your loops and save them on the fly while your DJing ? fine
well …



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