DJ Saxophone and Vocal that is impossible …
dj saxophone singer bali phuket jimmy rougerie

DJ Saxophone and Vocal that is impossible …

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dj saxophone singer bali phuket jimmy rougerie

dj saxophone singer bali phuket jimmy rougerie

Yes that what i do

DJ play sax and sing…

A lot of clients come to me because they are looking for some kind of performer to host at their events and parties but are unsure if they need a DJ, a singer, a performer, or something else…well I fill all of those gaps!

I’m using the software Ableton Live when i perform and DJ which allow me to be very creating and efficient.

The suprise effect !

Wow ! he’s playing an singing as well…

While i Djing i read the crowd and detect if it’s the right time to mingle with crowd with Saxophone and Vocal.

The Very Best Part Is .. You’ll be able to hear any song you wish to hear during the entire reception and also you may still have Cocktail/Dinner live music that is unique and cozy.

Entertainment Makes or Breaks the Celebration.

Rely on me also for:

Dancing.. Motivate everyone to have an excellent time and to dance! (All your requests will be played.)

Professionalism… Working along with the Caterer, Photographer, etc. to ensure smooth flow of party.

State of the art Audio (Always a backup system on hand.)

Relaxation Controlling the volume to a level that is suitable – great for dancing, comfortable for all.

Please visit: https://youtu.be/-pFtmniXV_Y

Drop me a line in the comments or email me (jimmydjsaxsinger@gmail.com)

thanks for reading this

Jimmy Rougerie (DJ Saxophonist Singer)

email : jimmydjsaxsinger@gmail.com
Whatsapp : +33672368663
indonesia : +62(0)81237671943
Thailand : +66(0)954256693
mixcloud.com : https://goo.gl/RPTfv8
Facebook: http://goo.gl/yxXCIW
Youtube : https://goo.gl/OWzBgZ
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Linkedin : https://goo.gl/pkAlCm
Snapchat : Jimmy Rougerie

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