The feast of Galungan – These funny decorated bamboos : the penjors

The feast of Galungan – These funny decorated bamboos : the penjors

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The feast of Galungan 02

The feast of Galungan (important for us) is approaching (April 5, 2017) and we pray for the victory of virtue (Dharma) over the demon (Adharma). On this occasion you will see what are called penjors (see photo of these bamboos)

All along the Balinese roads and which gives another charm to the island of the gods. here is what exactly is a penjor and its meaning.

The penjor is the symbol of prosperity. The Balinese make beautifully decorated bamboos at every important ceremony of the Hindu calendar or the anniversary of a temple. The penjor serves to show the gods the respect that the Balinese give them to give them blessing and prosperity. For my part I like to compare the penjors to your fir trees that you decorate in France during Christmas

The feast of Galungan 01

You will always find hungry sweet potatoes, rice, bananas, coconut, and jaja uji and jaja dendeng (from the local food made from sticky rice), which are there to show our gratitude to the gods.

The penjor is also the representation of the dragon Ananthaboga and Basuki. It is also believed to be the symbol of Agung Mountain. Curious why the symbol of the dragon and the mountain?

If you look at the penjor you can observe that the base of the bamboo represents the body of the dragon and its head while the tip of the bamboo which is all fine represents the tail of the dragon. Important also the dragon Ananthaboga represents the ground while the dragon Basuki represents safety. They are therefore believed to protect the disease.


Before we made the penjors with the coconut leaves but it rotted too fast so now for the penjors to last longer and make it look nicer we use more and more palm leaves that resist well for 1 month and some now put Even light garlands to make them even more beautiful and other accessories. We remove the penjor generally 1 month after galungan and we must burn all the decorations that were on it then we keep the bamboo to use it again for the next galungan


galungan tirai bambu guest house

Ari (from Tirai bambu guest house in Jimbaran Bali ) preparing for Galungan

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