A True Thai Wedding organized by Thai Do at Merlin Hotel Patong in Phuket

A True Thai Wedding organized by Thai Do at Merlin Hotel Patong in Phuket

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A True Thailand Wedding

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When you’re thinking about getting married, some people have always had the dream of having their wedding on the beach. Or, at least, near the beach. And with the summer approaching, the ideas start to form in your head.

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One thing is for sure: you want your day to be special. And you want to have it your way. So, why not fly away to Thailand and get married there? I can assure you that it’s the paradise on Earth. You have the most beautiful beaches and sets to take the most amazing photographs. You have all kinds of high-quality resorts where you, your family, and friends can stay. Plus, there’s nothing fancier than traveling to the other part of the world to get married.

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You will always have a great weather, the blue sky and a lovely sun to make your wedding day even more special. But you’re just lacking one thing – music. Yes, what kind of a wedding do you want to have if there is no music, no entertainment for your guests? And, also here, in Thailand, you have one of the best DJ sax and vocalist – Jimmy Rougerie.

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Jimmy knows weddings and he sure knows how to keep your wedding party rocking. As a professional and reputable performer in many different weddings, either the simpler ones on the beach to the most luxurious hosted on 5 stars resorts, he knows what is expected from him and he will act accordingly.

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Just recently, Jimmy Rougerie performed in a lovely wedding in Phuket, an event organized by Thai Do Wedding (http://thai-do.com/).



The entire ceremony was beautiful and the wedding venue was at the Amari Patong, in Phuket. What a lovely place, with the best music playing during the entire time.

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Jimmy was hired as a DJ Sax and vocal, plus percussion for this wedding and the new married couple loved the entire day. He was able to play some sax while the guests were eating, and he made the party going the entire night with his amazing voice and talent.


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If you’re thinking about getting married and you have no idea about where you want to do it, you should consider going to Thailand. Plus, you already have some names you can count on that won’t disappoint you.

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photo by : http://www.ginasmithphotography.com/ 

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