Calendar of my Bali Beach Club Lifestyle

Calendar of my Bali Beach Club Lifestyle

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DJ Sax Singer jimmy rougerie


Fridays  4pm to 7pm – La Joya Biu Biu Balangan Bali  Map




Sundays 4 pm onwards Vue Beach Club Canggu Bali – Map

Relaxing At The Sound Of a DJ-Saxophonist

There are so many different reasons that keep attracting more and more people to Bali that is even hard to mention them all. From the amazing weather to the nice locals, great historic places and awesome beaches, there’s always a lot to do in Bali to have fun and simply relax.

One of the things that I have been aware for some time is that, after spending some time during the day walking around Bali, people truly enjoy the relaxing moments near the pool. It’s just the place where they can relax, enjoy a bit of the sun, some amazing cocktails, and not forgetting about the amazing sunsets that Bali delivers.

It’s just a unique place that everyone should include on their “to-do list”. You’ll never have a trip like this in your life and when it’s over, as soon as you go back home, it won’t take you a lot of time to plan your next escape to Bali.

But relaxing near the pool, with all the cocktails and among friends and family, would never be complete without good music. And you can have live music while you’re just hanging out with Jimmy Rougerie. One of the best DJ saxophonists you’ll ever hear. He just walks around the pool and makes your relaxing moments even better.

Jimmy Rougerie is a talented DJ saxophonist that is hired also to weddings and events to entertain the guests. All the people who hire him as well as the ones who have the opportunity to see Jimmy play his saxophone can only say wonders about him. One of the rare things that usually miss to many artists is the fact that they truly enjoy what they are doing. Even when they do, some don’t have the ability to show it to their public. And this isn’t the case of Jimmy.


So, if you’re going to Bali in the next couple of months, make sure that you check one of the three places to listen to Jimmy. You will have a great time while you’re there.

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