Indonesian volcano erupts: Fears Bali’s Mount Sinabung could blow imminently as another volcano suddenly spews massive plumes of ash into the air
mount agung bali indonesia is smoking

Indonesian volcano erupts: Fears Bali’s Mount Sinabung could blow imminently as another volcano suddenly spews massive plumes of ash into the air

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Oups sorry it’s the Mount Sinabung !!!



Last video update from expert about the Mount Agung.

FYI – UPDATE ON AGUNG from BPBD – National Disaster Management Agency
Official Update 26 September 2017 06:35 WIB
Magma Gunung Agung Movement Increases, 57,418 Displaced Souls
BALI – Mount Agung volcanic activity continues to increase. Movement of magma to the surface is also increasing which indicates the magma continues to move to the surface. This indication is seen from the increased frequency of deep volcanic earthquakes, shallow volcanic earthquakes and local tectonic earthquakes.
Based on monitoring observation observation of Gunung Agung PVMBG, the number of volcanic earthquakes in 564 times, shallow volcanic earthquakes 547 times and local tectonic earthquake 89 times on Monday (25/09/2017). The number of earthquake events is greater than ever.
Gunung Agung is currently entering a critical phase. Although it has been stated the status of Beware (level IV) since 22/9/2017, not a guarantee will surely erupt. Depending on the strength of the magma drive. If the power of a large push and able to break down the lava plugs will occur eruption. Opportunities happen big enough eruption. But it can not be stabbed when it erupts. Until now Mount Agung has not erupted.
The dangerous radius remains at a radius of 9 km and an additional 12 km in the north-northeast sector and 12 km in the south-south-southwest sector. The zone is emptied emptied.
Most of the people in the zone have been displaced. The number of refugees until Tuesday morning (26/9/2017) as many as 57,428 people in 357 points spread across 9 districts / cities in Bali. Distribution of refugees:
1. Badung regency 3 point (328 soul).
2. Bangli Regency 28 points (4,690 inhabitants).
3. Buleleng Regency 24 points (8,518 inhabitants).
4. Denpasar city 26 points (2,212 inhabitants).
5. Gianyar Regency 9 points (137 inhabitants).
6. Jembrana 4 points (82 people).
7. Karangasem regency 84 points (21,280 inhabitants).
8. Klungkung regency 162 points (19,456 inhabitants).
9. Tabanan District 17 points (715 inhabitants).
Refugee handlers continue. The Governor of Bali has determined that emergency and refugee handling is the responsibility of Bali Provincial Government. Regents and mayors are responsible for disaster management in their area. BNPB coordinates the national potential of TNI, Polri, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Works, Basarnas, Ministry of ESDM, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Transportation and others to assist local governments.
The central government is very concerned and serious synergies in disaster management in Bali. Head of BNPB and BNPB officials and staff are still at the National Assistance Post in Bali to coordinate national potentials to assist local government. The President on Tuesday (26/09/2017) will visit several points of refuge and provide assistance.
Help from various parties kept coming. The social capital and gotong royong of Balinese people are extraordinary. The community spontaneously provides assistance to refugees. Many parties provide their homes as refugee camps. Helps evacuate cows and provide land for cattle refuge. Food aid and public kitchens were established and distributed to the community. The concept of a “sister village” is practiced instantly as thousands of people are displaced where safe villages receive refugees from dangerous villages. This Balinese toughness should be appreciated. Do not be attenuated with news or information about delayed assistance, lack of assistance or misleading information.
Sutopo Purwo Nugroho
Head of Information Data and Public Relations Center of BNPB

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