Deciding Whether to Visit Phuket or Bali
phuket or Bali ?

Deciding Whether to Visit Phuket or Bali

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Deciding Whether to Visit Phuket or Bali


phuket or Bali ?


If you’re seeking a vacation in South-Eastern Asia, you’re probably aware of the beautiful island of Bali and Phuket.


First thing ! Both islands are amazing.


Both are very beautiful and have various relaxation resorts and beaches. The atmosphere of Bali and Phuket are welcoming, tourists often have such a great time that they are reluctant to return to their homes. The sad thing is, We cannot be at both places at the same time and when it comes down to making a decision of where next to spend the holidays, we definitely have to choose between the Bali island or Phuket. Just incase you’re caught in the loop, you might want to consider some peculiarities of both places to help you decide which you prefer.

boat trip phuket

phuket boat trip

  1. Beaches: Even though both Bali and Phuket have amazing beaches, their coast lines are quite different. While Phuket consist of blue waters and a shore of white sand, Bali has a rocky shore line. If you’re seeking to lie on white sand and enjoy the soft rays from the sun, then Phuket is the best place for you. If you however have an interest in surfing, Bali would be your pick.Due to the waves, Bali has amazing surfing schools and great instructors. Bali also has some beaches which are calmer.
    kayak phuket

    kayak in phuket

  2. The Cuisine: It’s no secret that Thai food is super spicy and delicious, often a mix of sweet and sour. If you’re into red hot chilli, limes and fish cake, Phuket is your best bet to get your taste satisfied. However Balinese food is of Indonesian origin. There’s more of rice, fried meat and sauce and a lot of Chinese cuisine. Making a choice here might be difficult as both food styles are super tasty, however you know what gets your tastebuds rolling but for me Phuket is winner.
    Bali Temples

    Bali Temples

  3. The Cultural Atmosphere:In Phuket, tourists are free to do what they want and visit wherever they please. It is like a wonderland, with so much adventure to offer. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. Tourist typically spend time partying and lounging, visiting the spa and spending time at the beach. Bali on the other hand is much quieter than the crazy nightlife in Phuket . Some areas in Phuket are ony for adults, but don’t get me wrong bali has nightclubs and crazy but much softer nightlife. Visitors usually spend time visiting the Bali temples and learning about the culture and people. Phuket is more of a happening lifestyle while Bali is simple and in tune with nature and spiritual life.
  4. Your Travel Companion: Who you intend to embark on this visit with can also help you decide which of these islands is best for your holiday. Phuket brings more parties and adventures at resorts and spas to the table. Bali on the other hand inspires romance and natural as well as spiritual beauty. If you’re going with family, kids or a couple of friends, you might have more fun Phuket considering that kids love adventure and fun. If you’re going with your significant other and are in need of a romantic getaway, Bali might be your best pick. However at the end of the day it still depends on what kind of holiday you both are seeking.
  5. Your Reason For traveling: Why are you taking this vacation? How much stuff do you intend to do. Finding answers to these questions will help you make a decision on whether to visit Phuket or Bali. For instance, if you’re looking to relax and spend time at spas and beaches, Phuket might be best for you. If you want some sightseeing and adventure, Bali has a lot of this to offer. An active volcano, ancient temples, and lots of cultural activities going on, Bali is a tourist attraction.
Bali map

Bali map


Phuket map

Keep in mind that bali is 8 times bigger than Bali with a lot of different scenes. Yoga people, surfers, Volcanoes….

Considering all these might help you make a better decision the next time you’re caught between visiting Bali or Phuket. Both islands are great, and you should try to rotate your visit to both of them if you can.


I’m now based in Bali since a year and half and use to live in Phuket for 15 years. I DJ and Play Saxophone on both island for events and weddings.

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