Art in Music by Jimmy Rougerie – Downtempo music Show

Art in Music by Jimmy Rougerie – Downtempo music Show

We just keep rushing from one place to the other and we just forget that we also need to dedicate some time to ourselves and to the things we love to do. The problem, most of the times, is that you don’t even know about any special events or shows that are happening near you and that you probably would love to go.


So, we are taking this opportunity to let you know, in first hand, that we are show casing an awesome entertainment show that will start Wednesday 24th jan 2018 . Jimmy Rougerie, a highly known DJ Saxophonist Singer, Marina, a Russian dancer, and the painter Kristina, are show casing an amazing entertainment show based on art and improvisation. The main idea behind the show is that you can take the 45 minutes the show takes to relax and see how good it feels to simply improvise.


The show will count with Jimmy’s (from the Caribbean) talent to perform to DJ Downtempo music and play Sax. In case you never heard of it, you really don’t know what you have been missing.


This is a genre of electronic music that is very similar to ambient music. So, even though it puts a greater emphasis on the rhythm, they are slower than usual electronic music, and will allow you to clear up your mind and simply relax. Can you imagine yourself, watching the sunset, simply attend an entertainment show that will give you the energy for the next day? You can count on it. Plus, one of the best things about this event that is being prepared is Jimmy’s presence. He is amazing with his saxophone and has a beautiful voice that will allow you to simply get in the right mood. It’s not by chance that Downtempo music is usually used for Yoga practice. During the entertainment show, you’ll be able to embrace the lovely nature sound played by Jimmy Rougerie and watch both Marina and Kristina improvising to the sound of his music mixes, saxes, and vocals. One thing is for sure – you have never attended such a show.