A Bali Destination Wedding – How Much Does It Cost?

A Bali Destination Wedding – How Much Does It Cost?

Bali Beach Front Wedding

Bali Beach Front Wedding cost

A Bali Destination Wedding – How Much Does It Cost?


You ask how much does it cost to get married in bali. This is a easy question to answer.
It all depends on how much you want to spend and how elaborate you want your wedding to be. A wedding here in bali can be either cheaper or higher than a traditional wedding. Again, it all depends on you.

Average cost estimation

Price of a Wedding in Bali

Price of a Wedding in Bali When you look at the numbers keep in mind that these numbers are just a estimation
That is to say these are not the actual figures they are just estimating figures.

Which Wedding Venue do you prefer

A villa or a beach villa, or bungalow, a wedding in the forest in ubud or a beach wedding or a wedding at a hotel.

You prefer a beach front hotel or not.Venue:

Full cost estimation : $12,346

Details :

Event Planner: $2,785

The price here differs from planner to planner depending on which one you obtain and how comfortable you feel with that person. The wedding planner must assist you with the following.

Photographer: $2,604

Professional photographer. If you want just pictures or videos or both

Flowers & Decor: $2191

What kind of flowers you want, how many flowers you want, the arrangement of the flowers. The kind of décor you want extravagant or plush.

Wedding Cake: $452

How many tiers you want and how decorative you want it.

Wedding Gown: $1,101

The wedding gown is up to you

Average Cost Per Guest: $85

Music: $1,500

As an entertainer I have expanded the globe.
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helping wedding parties to become amazing

helping wedding parties to become amazing

The real figures will be when you finally decide how elaborate you want your wedding to be and where you want it to be. Also the wedding organizer that is going to organize your wedding. All of these come into play when you finally decide on what you want.

So, what’s the answer? How much does it really cost for a dream wedding in BALI

Keep in mind you also have the air fare expense and the music that is do you want a live band or a dj/saxophonist/vocalist which is just as good as a live band but at a lesser cost. $2,604 for a photographer? As for a photographer, do you want just pictures or videos or both. This makes a big difference also

Flowers and décor this depends on how elaborate you want it. If you have a beach wedding the flowers and décor expense will be less then if you hae it in a hotel or church.
The wedding cake. How many tiers do you want it. And how much decorating do you want on it.
The music you can have a DJ/saxophonist with dj deck lights and sound system which is less then a live band that will only play for a couple of hours. So here again the prices above are just estimation numbers just to help you figure out what you want and need to stay within your budget.