Wedding DJ in Bali and Phuket

Wedding DJ in Bali and Phuket


 Wedding dj in bali and Phuket

What Is Still Lacking For Your Wedding Day?


jimmy rougerie dj sax singer 

Jimmy Rougerie DJ Saxophonist Singer 

When it comes to your wedding day, there’s so much planning involved that you’re always afraid that you might forget about something. However, besides having all the people who you love to share the happiest day of your life next to you, good food and good music, you can be sure that you won’t miss anything else.

Your guest list was probably one of the first things that you did. The other one was deciding on the caterer and the kind of food you’re going to serve on your wedding. So, you might be missing the third most important thing on your wedding day: the music.

 wedding asia bali phuket dj sax jimmy rougerie

There’s nothing like a good music playing to make us remember some particular day, some special occasion. So, choosing the right music to play at your wedding is crucial. And you should consider the different parts of the wedding was well. Special moments like the cake cutting, the first and second dances, throwing the bouquet, among so many others. And you shouldn’t also forget about when you’re all eating or the dance floor to make sure the party goes on for the entire night.



All we need to do is to meet so that I know what you expect from the ceremony and gather more details about the event and what you look for. According to what you say, I present you with some ideas and we just choose what we believe is best. From there, you can consider the music task completed.


You can get in contact with me jimmydjsaxsinger@gmail.com and we can schedule a phone call or we can simply get together. Just let me know what’s the best time to meet me and you can count me in 😉







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bali phuket wedding-dj-jimmy-rougerie